A firewall is an integral part of your network security. It protects your network by controlling internal and external traffic on your network. It will reduce or eliminate the occurrence of unsolicited network communications while allowing all legitimate communications flow freely.

Advance firewall functionality identifies and excludes malicious traffic to your network from specific geographical areas that are known for large scale network attacks.

Image IT strongly recommend clients deploy a dedicated firewall to protect their computer network. Furthermore, we recommend deploying advanced security features that will stop known threats and also use gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, application Control, and content filtering.

A firewall will also enhance the security of your wi-fi network as it replaces the standard domestic router often supplied by your broadband provider.

With cybercrime now a common occurrence and 10 % of all Irish internet users falling victim to online banking frauds, the importance of a secure reliable email service for businesses cannot be understated.